Name: Robin Wyatt Dunn
Year of Birth: 1979
Profession: Writer, Professor
Birthplace: Wyoming
Home: California
Citizenship: Earth
Birthmark: Left Foot
Distinguishing marks: Widow's peak.
Political affiliation: Velvet revolution for democracy
Known Associates: Sam Barnett, Hamid Mehyaad, Iva Sijan, Martin Nakell
Known Foreign Visits: UK, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Greece, Canada, Mexico
Income: Peanuts
Favorite Movie: The Dance of Reality
Favorite Book: The Book of the New Sun
Favorite Sexual Position: The Dalai Lama
Books Published: 4
Feature films produced: 3
Education: BA, Fordham University, 2001. MA, UT Austin, 2004. MFA, Chapman University, 2015.
Number of teeth: 27
Number of false teeth: 1

The subject is affable, with an ingratiating attitude towards authority. Nervous around uniforms, the subject grinds his teeth. Careful gait analysis reveals populist sentiments, but speech patterns reveal elitist attitudes. No registered handguns in the name of the subject, but known to carry a knife. Approach with caution.