#196:   tomorrows weather
by KC Wilder

in rotundas of tomorrow
wankers call the weather czar,
the well appointed weather czar,
he’ll turn up the heat!

all wet corporate agencies
doling out the rain,
daubing intrigue every day
across the fruited plain.

instigating temperature
alterations in the skies,
shark attorneys take to back rooms
scratching out each others eyes.

there’ll be scandals,
monster kickbacks,
infinite cascades of lies.
lobbyists who linger long,
ingeniously disguised.

corporado power mongers
in bed with the weather czar
legislating beams of light,
they rearrange the moon & stars.

launching major hurricanes
to pulverize enemies,

the weather czar unleashes storms
as governors decree . . .
lightning bolts,
framing wicked policy.

swaggering in penthouse
tawdry bible quoting freaks
smirking at expensive tables,
prospering dramatically!

KC Wilder has edited and published a number of award-winning literary journals. Since the 1980s his work has appeared in many hundreds of publications. He’s toured coast to coast and performed his poetry with guitar in over 30 cities nationwide.