by Jeffrey Zable


Once upon a time there were three pigs.
One became choice bacon,
the other choice ham,
while the third went on a killing spree
of butchers throughout the land.
By the time they caught him
he was the most prolific serial killer in history.
His fame rivaled Hansel, Aladdin, and even Little Red.
He was the swine of swine, who to his dying day
never expressed a single word of remorse.


I remember as children we played tag in front of his house
and even then he would say things like, “If I am it and I tag
you, it will still mean nothing. Even if I tagged you a million
times it would still mean nothing. Therefore I could tag you
or not tag you and in the end what is true is that nothingness
prevails, though being here means the game is us and we are
the game, which once we are gone will no longer be remembered
by you or me for the rest of eternity, if you know what I mean...

   Jeffrey Zable is a teacher and percussionist who plays Afro-Cuban folkloric music for dance classes and Rumbas around the San Francisco Bay Area. He's published five chapbooks from four different small press publishers. Present or upcoming work in Toad Suck Review, The Alarmist, Skive Magazine, Skidrow Penthouse, Clarion, Snow Monkey,Owen Wister Review, Serving House Journal, Diverse Voices, Talking River, Edge and many others.