The Chrome Baby Xmas Bairn!

We don't like Xmas anymore! But the Chrome Baby Xmas Bairn is eternal. However, slightly less eternal this year.

We're sorry, we're just real broke this year. Try us this time in 2016! Cheers---

- -
[stay tuned for 2016]

And this Baby wants to give you money! The Chrome Baby Xmas Bairn isn't looking for Xmas stories, no, it's just our chance to pay you six whole pennies for every word we buy for December. So please, no Xmas stories!

For the Xmas Bairn, we're looking for one story between 200 and 834 words. Please don't send us a story that's 199 words or 835 words because we'll be unable to consider it, and we'll be sad about that.

Only one story per writer, so send your best! Reprints are fine, but only if the story is not available elsewhere online.

Please email your story as an RTF attachment to deepsettpress at gmail dot com with "Xmas Bairn" in the subject header along with the name of your story.

Last year's lucky Xmas Bairn was "A Clockwork Clef" by Stephen V. Ramey.

Deadline: December 15th, 2014

Thanks for reading our little Chrome Baby. Happy Winter! And Happy Summer! This baby is chrome!

We eat bacon! We love you! We are eternal! We smash quarks between our teeth and fly through the air!

Unstoppable! Divine! Secular! Pissed off! Made of American metal. Singing British metal. Chewing Canadian metal. Flying with Kiwi metal hats on our heads. Drinking the Aussie metal! Chanting Indian metal samsaras with caftans on our backs, and banging on Nigerian metal pots!

And everywhere else! Everywhere else where there is freedom is Chrome Baby. Sucking on our thumb. And doing our business. Controlling your mind, and playing with the mobile.

Our mobile is the universe!

Serve us at your peril!

Chant with us your heavenly sunrises!

Shit us out, Great Bear, Ursus Saturninus, and tell us the meaning of reality!

Robin Wyatt Dunn, Editor

art by   Martin Hanford