by Rich Magahiz

David Leiberg                                                                               

Mendel's hammer

what you touch...

a wedge in the void

snaps back,


like Sklar and Yong --

veins slick with

something waxen,


a polymer

of your body's

own proteins


gone rogue

but we drip down

darts of our own


glib knives swim

by gizzard light

dense with stars,


pink at

puckered tiles

snip snip


but the biotar

balls up blood

negates breath


no eyes to see,

your stars all

quenched, till



between trenchlines,

nitrate loam --


no man's land --

looms up to

cross you


live rounds



their six my starlit side

and a cervix spangling aswang



wings spread


each leg a blood sausage

all that is left an eight G prawn




droppings trail this

slack targeting cursor,

then some bird drops a conkeree

lord god



neutral lances

part flesh like smoke

red cheeks splashed with vinegar brine,

di ba?



message comes back

successive abstractions

condense as the simulation


Dirigo Games                                   

EEF Expeditions                                           

Silicon Mare


blue on the Eastern ridge . quarter Earth


unfenced perimeter . flag hangs slack


ten thousand diamond teeth . taste tailings


discs sputter etched . annealing outside


furnaces refilled . all the long day


drone transport . slung back down the black well


solar zenith . the wind no one hears


Adrian Biddle                                           

Rich Magahiz, ex-physicist, wrangles computers for a living for now but imagines a time when he can do other things. He previously appeared in Bairn 107. His blog is at zeroatthebone.us