by Richard Magahiz

Robin Wyatt Dunn, with Stable Diffusion                                  

Finger guns salute


bank manager's desk: sulphrous haze blooms


their cushions

they've stuffed with Metatron's



with rockstar teeth, your friend's head swivels


pretty roomy inside

and she gets good



Deshawn gawks: "that's what cordwood's like?"



to strong arms...

that's not my Daddy

On your equipment


Today you are here

to learn about your equipment,

which you may find

down around your seat area.

We need not mention

the multiple applications

of your equipment,


(some, we trust, you must

already know well).

Today is only for those

which should prove useful

to you going forward.

As to these, your equipment

arrives in an unarmed state.


Please note:

your equipment will

gradually arm itself

at a suitable time.

The process is strictly


and happens naturally,


and when your equipment

has become fully capable

it will let you know

through certain indications,

here, here,




In the unlikely event

that your equipment

turns up subpar,

you must not expect

free replacement.

Please, hold all questions

till the end.


Now please observe,

the equipment comes

in two rugged models

simple to tell apart

with just a little care.

The original supplier

assures you, in all cases,


full compatibility.

Much effort has been spent

on the design of your equipment,

an intuitive interface

across many cultures

obviating any need for

explicit instructions.


We wish to stress how

a number of those once

no more prepared than you

are now regular users

of their equipment,

Just ask, either online

or perhaps in person.

Robin Wyatt Dunn, with Stable Diffusion        

Robin Wyatt Dunn, with Stable Diffusion                          

Your color palette, 2011



crack crack the geologist's hammer speaks


Coral Rose

unnamed satellite dim behind ring plane



1830 mess squeezed, not tasted



patch of sand buried where she was stricken


Silver Peony

biolab console upset stray wiring harness



twelve sols to aphelion a fubar beacon



annunciators strobe the space between breaths


Blue Curaçao

rising from barren wastes to call it "contact"



the crystals on the faceplate comrade and seer


Silver Cloud

ignition to deny the horror

Robin Wyatt Dunn, with Stable Diffusion                                           

Richard Magahiz tries to live an ordered life in harmony with all things natural and created but one that follows unexpected paths. He wrangles computers as a day job but imagines a time when life might center around other things. Richard appeared previously in Bairn 107 and Bairn 109, and many other magazines. His website is https://zeroatthebone.us/